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Marriott Cold Brew Tower

  • Cold Brew Tower



Weekdays: 8am - 11pm EST Weekends: 9am - 5pm EST

  • Description

    Create coffee making magic in your home with the Cold Brew Tower. This quintessential coffeemaker is functional and adds a touch of intrigue to your mornings. All you need is ice, water and your favorite fresh coffee blend. With its slow and persistent dripping, the result is a rich brew with a naturally sweeter taste compared to your regular coffee.

  • Details

    Straight black wood frame

    Makes 6-8 cups

    Slow 8-12 hour infusion process

    Dishwasher safe parts (excluding stand)

    32 oz.

    30" tall, 10" wide and 9" deep

    Includes 4 separate parts:

    • Glass bowl chamber for ice and water
    • Coffee chamber for grinds
    • Spiral glass drip siphon
    • Coffee server