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Marriott Cold Brew Tower

  • Cold Brew Tower

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Weekdays: 8am - 11pm EST Weekends: 9am - 5pm EST

  • Description

    Create premium gourmet beverages in your home throughout the day and into the night with this quintessential Cold Brew Tower. Originally designed to brew the perfect cold brew coffee, this apparatus is inventively used in many M Clubs to craft a delicious “Slumbershot”; the Marriott Hotels special version of a nightcap features thoughtfully selected ingredients that help you unwind and digest your day. The Cold Brew Tower enables these ingredients to infuse flavors into the drink as it is made.

  • Details

    Straight black wood frame

    Makes 6-8 cups

    Slow 8-12 hour infusion process

    Dishwasher safe parts (excluding stand)

    32 oz.

    30" tall, 10" wide and 9" deep

    Includes 4 separate parts:

    • Glass bowl chamber for ice and water
    • Coffee chamber for grinds
    • Spiral glass drip siphon
    • Coffee server