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Marriott Thann Bath & Massage Oil

  • Thann Bath & Massage Oil

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Weekdays: 8am - 11pm EST Weekends: 9am - 5pm EST

  • Description

    When you can't make it to the spa, bring Marriott's pampering home. Our Thann Bath & Massage Oil hydrates your skin, bringing back the glow you remember from your last Marriott stay. Perfect for use in the bath, this oil blends with warm water, leaving your skin silky smooth and your mind relaxed. For those who prefer to apply it directly to your skin, the Marriott Bath & Massage Oil by Thann is light enough for direct application, moisturizing every inch and absorbing quickly for maximum comfort. Pour a little on your hands or in the bath and experience the luxury of a hotel bath every single night.

  • Details

    Aromatic Wood Collection by Thann

    Contains rice bran, orange, and nutmeg essential oils

    Dermatologically tested

    10 oz.