Marriott Foam Bed

The Marriott hotel bed is designed with comfort and durability in mind, meaning a great night's sleep every night. Buy a Marriott foam bed and sleep brilliantly.

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Marriott Foam Bed vs. Tempurpedic

Why Should I Purchase a Marriott Foam Bed?

Comfort is our business. For over 47 years, we've been a "home away from home" for millions of travelers. During this time, we have spent countless hours perfecting the science behind an exceptional night's sleep. Now you can experience the same comfort and quality in your home.

Don't wait until your next hotel stay to enjoy first-class comfort. With Marriott hotel bed & bedding sets, you can recreate the complete Marriott Hotel sleep experience at home, layer by layer. Shop the Marriott Foam Bed to sleep brilliantly every night.

Marriott Foam Bed vs. Tempur-Pedic

The Marriott foam mattress is crafted of supreme quality in high-density soy-based comfort foam giving you a healthier and more comfortable sleep experience. Compare our foam mattress to Tempur-Pedic:

Feature Marriott Foam Bed Tempur-Pedic
Distributes body weight evenly to reduce tossing and turning Yes Yes
Reduces pressure points that could cause body aches in your back, neck, hips and shoulders Yes Yes
Eliminates motion transfer from the person who shares your bed so you don't wake up Yes Yes
Designed with resilient, high-density soy-based comfort foam which retains its shape over time and does not change firmness when room temperatures fluctuate Yes No
Durable. Put to the test at Marriott Hotels by hundreds of thousands of guests each night Yes No
Quick-recovery foam to reduce "sinking" feeling Yes No
Temperature control. Damask ticking keeps the mattress cool. Breathable foam cell structure reduces heat absorption Yes No
Dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. The Nova Bond Pad on the boxspring enhances comfort and resists dust mites, mold, and mildew. And the entire bottom is covered with a heavy-duty 100% polypropylene dust cover Yes No

Product Description

Marriott Foam Mattress

Ever notice how you tend to sleep better at a Marriott Hotel than home? The Marriott Foam Bed is designed with comfort and durability in mind. We got down to the core of a restful sleep, literally.

Premium high density foam layers deliver personalized comfort, conforming to your body and providing even support whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper. It gently gives to your frame, without sinking like a hammock, and relieves joint pain and pressure that can build in the heels, hips and shoulders.

The seven inches of high density foam layers also isolate motion. The Marriott Foam Bed localizes the weight of the sleeper so your partner’s shifting won’t disrupt your rest. And unlike the Tempur-Pedic mattress, our mattress regulates heat. The soy-based foam core is composed of a cell structure that significantly reduces the temperature of the mattress. Damask ticking also helps keep the mattress cool, while providing moisture and dust protection. And a generous two-inch quilted top-surface adds a layer of softness closest to your body.


  • Mattress height: Nine (9”) inches; a two (2”) inch quilted topper rests on seven (7”) inches of high-density soy-based foam
  • Layers of high-density soy-based comfort foam provide even support to reduce tossing and turning, body aches and pains, and motion transfer
  • Polyurethane and soy foam cell structure makes the mattress cooler, less prone to heating, and does not change firmness when room temperatures fluctuate
  • Damask ticking helps keep the mattress cool, while providing moisture and dust protection
  • Multi-quilted topper and borders provide extra comfort and help the mattress retain its shape
  • Ten Year Warranty

A Unique Box Spring

A solid foundation is key to your mattress’s performance. Most box springs and almost all memory foam foundations are used simply to raise the height of the mattress. The Marriott Bed’s box spring is specifically designed to optimize the comfort of the Marriott Foam mattress and prolong its life. Our box spring is crafted with the 8-way hand tied upholstery construction utilized in top-quality furniture and well regarded for its sturdiness and ability to endure years of wear. A hardwood frame is secured with a non-wielded, hand laced grid top, to which three types of coils are tied in eight directions for equal strength. This creates an even surface to support the mattress, so that both absorb your weight in tandem, preventing excess wear on the bed.

  • Box spring height: Ten (10”) inches
  • Seven and a quarter turns per coil (7.25”) makes the box spring soft and prolongs its life
  • Nova Bond Pad enhances comfort, and is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew
  • Padded corners protect the boxspring from wear
  • Entire bottom is covered with a heavy-duty 100% polypropylene dust cover

The Complete Marriott Experience

Profound sleep starts with a Marriott Bed and ends with our sumptuous hotel linens. Complete your purchase with our signature Marriott Bed & Bedding Sets. Layer your bed with our soft topper, smooth sheets, fluffy blankets and down comforter. It's finished with plush pillows to lull you into slumber. We provide everything you need to make your bed Marriot-style. Order and enjoy. We'll even set up the bed upon delivery.

Platinum Stitch Bed & Bedding Set

The combination of the modern yet classic Platinum Stitch Duvet Cover and world-renowned Signature Marriott linens is what makes this ensenble irresistible. A chance to bring it all home and enjoy the luxury of Marriott in your own bedroom redefines "vacation" as we know it. The Platinum Stitch Bed & Bedding Set includes:

Frameworks Bed & Bedding Set

Create the exquisite Marriott look when you bring home our complete Frameworks set with everything you need including signature accents with quality stitching, flawlessly-finished hems and bold stripes. When you need quality bedding that stands the test of time, this set gives you all the essentials and more. The Frameworks Bed & Bedding Set includes:

Block Print Bed & Bedding Set

Marriott Hotel's signature Block Print bed linens are loved for their urban design and effortlessly chic style. Multi-toned neutral stripes work wonders with any décor, allowing you to express your perfectly tailored fashion sense. The Block Print Bed & Bedding Set includes:

Bird's Eye Stripe Bed & Bedding Set

A subtle print with a big impact, Marriott Hotel's signature Bird's Eye Stripe bedding lets you rest in modern sophistication. Enjoy exceptional comfort with style to match. The Bird's Eye Stripe Bed & Bedding Set includes:

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